The Mussoorie Mountain Festival was founded in 2005 by Stephen Alter in conjunction with Mussoorie Writers. It was initially established with the aim of celebrating Mussoorie’s Literary Heritage. It has since redefined itself to become a broader Mountain Festival at the heart of which is a community celebration of Himalayan culture, natural history and exploration.

2017 Festival

In 2017, the Hanifl Centre took on the curation of the Festival under K. Krishnan Kutty and Renu Oberoi (Assistant Director of the Festival). “Conservation” as it relates to the Himalaya was the theme and distinguished authors, photographers, filmmakers, mountaineers and conservationists came together for panel discussions, story sharing and open dialogue on topics related to the theme.


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5:00 pm — Festival opening at Parker Hall

5:10 pm — Banff Mountain Film Festival, 2017 World Tour

6:45 pm — Dinner break

7:00 pm — Opening set - Ady Manral

7:30 pm — Naga Folk and Blues concert - Rewben Mashangva

9:00 am — Welcome Address: K. Krishnan Kutty, Festival Director

9:15 am — Climbing Everest Saved My Life! - Deshun Deysel

10:00 am — Discovering the Yeti in Mussoorie in 1956 - Daniel Taylor

10:45 am — Tea break

11:15 am — Felicitation of renowned mountaineer from Uttrakhand, Ms. Chandraprabha Aitwal

11:45 am — The Waste Warriors Mission: A Clean India - Jodie Underhill

12:30 pm — Lunch break

1:30 pm — Wandering Tigers: Journeys of Hope - Ravi Singh

2:10 pm — Himalaya Bound: A Journey with Nomads in North India - Michael Benanav

3:00 pm — Tea break

In Your Night: Experience of Night in Semi-Urban North India - Shanti Mathias
Bringing Sustainable Light to Mussoorie - Aseem Aggarwal
Benefits and Implications of Dam Construction in the Himalayas - Egor Suvorov

5:00 pm — End of Day 2

Is Globalization Worth the price of Folk Culture? - Tanashya Batra
Root Causes Of and Responses to the Epidemic of Farmer Suicides in India - Harsh Yadav

10:00 am — Himalayan Wolves: Ecology, Insights and Conservation - Salvador Lyngdoh

10:30 am — Ecological and Socio-Political Situation of Large Carnivores in the Romanian Carpathians - Europe's Strongholds for Bears, Wolves and Lynx - Christoph Promberger

11:00 am — Discussion on Wolf Conservation Moderator - Steve Alter

11:15 am — Tea break

11:30 am — Exploring new Peaks in the Himalaya: Conservation Through Adventure - Martin Moran

12:15 pm — Legend and Lore of Spiti - Kishore Thukral

01:00 pm — Lunch break

01:45 pm — Conservation Facets of Himalayan Art - Anupam Sah.

02:30 pm — Mustang - The Lost Tibetan Kingdom: Tradition and Change - Sujoy Das

03:15 pm — Screening of Film Race to Save the Amur Falcon. Dir Shekar Dattatri. Followed by an interaction with Bano Haralu

04:00 pm — Festival concludes

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